With an economy the size of Connecticut’s, you would think that there would be many Connecticut local businesses in decline. But this is not the case. Many small and medium-sized businesses are thriving in this state.

One has to look no further than Meriden to find a big name establishment that seems to be thriving despite the economic decline. However, there are many small and mid-sized Connecticut local businesses in Meriden that seem to be taking advantage of the economic downturn.

Many in Meriden are still trying to figure out how to deal with the job losses. The reasons vary from company to company. One has to wonder what the future holds.

Connecticut’s job market appears to be improving with the unemployment rate at just above three percent. That is definitely good news for people who have been laid off. It also indicates that the state has figured out how to reduce costs.

Some of the companies in Connecticut that are doing well include those in Connecticut’s metropolitan areas. Some of these include: Atlantic Microphone, Actas, CH2M Hill, CTI, GE General Electric, HP, and Verizon. New England Superstores, Ramada Inn, and Hertz are also big names.

Hartford will continue to draw new residents as well as locals for its long-time local business. Gen-Xers are coming back to town and young people are flocking to the city in droves to find employment.

Among the younger generations, some are taking part in summer jobs in retail, IT, and other jobs that pay well to them. Some may find work working for the department stores. Others are attending school part time and have found part-time jobs in the nearby area.

There are a lot of available positions in the region that keep companies looking for workers, but some are more popular ways to find work. One such way is for people to sign up for the CITI (Community Inclusive Workforce Initiative) program. These are short-termterm employment programs that offer students of certain industries a chance to get work experience while paying less than full-time wages.

As in every other part of the country, Connecticut has had a tough time finding skilled workers for its tight labor market. With the cost of college tuition soaring, many are turning to the Internet for work experience and a place to live. While many feel these programs are easy to get into, it does take time to develop credibility and experience.

Other than Meriden, there are a few small towns in Connecticut that have had a tough time getting to grips with the economy as well. One example is East Windsor, where many manufacturing jobs have gone and it is hard to find one.

In fact, many people have moved to Columbus, which has much more opportunity. Since so many jobs have been lost in the state, some of the larger cities have seen an increase in population. One of the areas where the majority of people seem to have chosen to live is the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

It is clear that there are some Connecticut local businesses that are struggling and that are in trouble. With the education system still going through drastic changes, some small and medium-sized companies may have to close their doors.