Home Renovation Blog

There are many popular Home Renovation Blog including This Old House, Remodelaholic, Cabin Fervor, and All Sorts Of. Read these articles to learn more about the different types of blogs and how to start your own. These articles will help you decide which renovation blogs to follow and which ones you should skip. Read the posts of other homeowners and get some ideas for your renovation. Ultimately, you will know how to create a successful Home Renovation Blog.


Cassity is the blogger behind the highly popular Remodelaholic home renovation blog. This blog features Cassity’s own work as well as the work of other users. She also shares videos of her projects and shows off unique outdoor improvements. The Remodelaholic home renovation blog is popular among those who love DIY home improvement projects, and she has over half a million followers on social media. Her tips and videos will inspire you to take on your next home improvement project.

The remodeling ideas and tips posted on this blog are both practical and inspiring. DIY Network is a great place to learn more about home maintenance and renovation. And, Remodelaholic isn’t just for home renovation. The blog also features articles and video tutorials from popular home improvement experts. In addition to home renovation and DIY projects, the Remodelaholic blog features crafts, holiday themes, and delicious recipes. While you’re at it, check out the website and get inspired.

This Old House

If you’re looking for home renovation advice, you’ve probably seen episodes of “This Old House” and wondered what you should do. If you’re familiar with the show, you may be pleasantly surprised by some of its advice. The home improvement team has a reputation for providing accurate information, and over 100 awards attest to its longevity. Although it’s a popular home renovation blog, it has made some mistakes along the way.

Sarah moved from the rainy Midwest to sunny Australia in 2000, and bought a little cottage that was in desperate need of a facelift. Despite the small size and unattractive interior, Sarah’s transformation is a true reflection of her own personal ideal of happy living. Likewise, Jill and Ron moved into a Victorian brownstone in Baltimore, Maryland, and began to learn about home repair as they went. Now they have a home worthy of the show, a book, and a beautiful showpiece.

Cabin Fervor

If you’ve ever been fascinated by cabin renovation, you’ll want to check out Cabin Fervor on Home Renovation Blog. It features rustic features, such as a planked wall and industrial kitchen. If you’re interested in creating a cabin-like feel in your home, this site has plenty of inspiration for you. You’ll find tips and tricks for making the most of your space, as well as humorous stories about the demolition process. You’ll also find plenty of recipes, along with utensils, wine, and miles of wine.

All Sorts Of

Amber Lewis, owner of the popular lifestyle blog All Sorts Of, has a wealth of knowledge about everything from home decor to design and entrepreneurship. With an eclectic taste, she offers advice on design, lifestyle and entrepreneurship. Her blog provides inspiration for both newcomers and experienced homeowners alike. You’ll find advice on every aspect of interior design, from paint colors to plumbing. The site has an A-Z feature and a variety of categories, including a home design blog.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for improving your home, look no further than the All Sorts Of Home Renovation Blog. From helpful guides to hilarious stories about demolition, this blog has it all. If you’re planning a DIY home improvement project, you’ll find helpful tips and expert advice on every room, from kitchen renovations to bathroom remodeling. If you’re not a professional handyman, don’t worry! You can learn how to do most of the work yourself on this blog.

Kate Riley’s Centsational Girl

Kate Riley’s Centsational Girl blog is a fantastic resource for DIY homeowners. Kate combines DIY projects with design savvy, sharing her experiences with readers and sharing her own personal insight. Whether you’re remodeling your living room or your entire home, you can find the inspiration you need to make it look beautiful. In addition to home improvement projects, Kate regularly features articles about her travels, collaborations, and other topics that will inspire your own efforts.

Although Kate Riley’s career in the home improvement industry began when she was raising her stepdaughter, she has expanded her mission with a charitable foundation. Through her blog, she links stylish home improvement projects with families in need. She also partners with nonprofits, such as COTS (Community Outreach and Training Services), where she “adopts” a home to redesign its kitchen, living room, entertainment center, and laundry room.

Erin Spain’s Grandma’s House

In the episode, “The House in the Night,” Erin Spain learns that someone she knew lived in the house that she and her husband were renovating. She becomes elated when she realizes that someone she cared about once lived there. The episode was filmed before Erin’s grandmother passed away. In fact, she says that she wasn’t even sure that her grandmother would recognize her.

Ben and Erin Napier are local Methodist ministers, and they met in youth group. “Ben was our youth minister,” Ben explained to Erin. “We met at the youth group,” Erin replied. “I liked your wits!” Ben was impressed. They bonded over their love for each other, and now, they’re engaged! And, the romance between Ben and Erin is blossoming.