Balcony Balustrade

Choosing the Right Balcony Materials is a crucial part of achieving the right aesthetics for your terrace or balcony. Frameless glass balustrades are the most durable and safest choice for your balcony. Modular balconies create the illusion of more space, while wood or aluminium balustrades are cheaper and more practical choices. Read on to find out more about these choices and get the best balustrade for your deck or balcony.

Frameless glass balustrades offer unrivaled safety

Unlike other types of balustrades, frameless glass balcony balustrade offer unparalleled safety. The design of these systems makes them easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning of these systems only requires a lint-free cloth and a glass cleaner. Minor scratches can easily be rectified with a polish. Furthermore, glass balustrades are made of thick tempered glass, making them strong and durable. They are the best choice for homes with children, as they provide unmatched safety.

As compared to framed glass balustrades, frameless glass balustrades have no upright posts. Instead, they feature a stylish aluminium channel. As a result, frameless glass balustrades are the ideal choice for balconies, patios, and garden decking, as well as various retail and leisure applications. This style of balustrade offers unrivalled safety for both residents and visitors.

While traditional balustrades have existed for centuries, only recently have they made the transition to glass. As demand for contemporary, design-led homes continues to grow, toughened safety glass is making its way into structural balustrading. Glass balustrades from TuffX are supplied to both domestic and commercial projects. The company produces all its products in-house, ensuring unrivalled quality and a rapid turnaround time.

Modular balconies give an illusion of more space

The first step in making your balcony appear larger is to decorate it with smart furniture that consumes less floor space. Avoid fully upholstered furniture, which tends to take up space. Use a chequered pattern for the floor of your balcony or terrace. This design works well with light tones of wood or tiles. You can also introduce colour through home decor. Light tones of colour create the illusion of greater space.

If you’re decorating a balcony for a special occasion, consider installing glass balustrades to make it look spacious and open. The resulting effect will make the balcony feel larger and give you a clear view of the outdoors. Additionally, glass balustrades are very easy to install and can easily be incorporated into new builds. Make sure to consult your architect before installing one, as there are certain rules you have to follow.

The floor coverings on your balcony should be complementary to the design of the interior of the rest of the space. Consider using artificial grass to simulate the appearance of a garden, or consider installing a laminate wood floor or outdoor tiles. These options give the balcony an attractive rustic look. If you don’t want to use artificial grass, consider using dhurries or other types of decor. However, keep in mind that there’s a limited amount of space on a balcony.

Aluminium or wood balustrades are cheaper

When comparing the cost of aluminium or wood balcony balustrades, wood is the cheaper choice. However, wood is not weather-resistant. The durability of wooden balustrades depends on the type of wood used. Hardwood and composite balustrades are more durable than softwood, but they both require regular maintenance. Wooden balustrades may need to be replaced if the wooden surface starts to rot.

There are many advantages to aluminium as compared to wood, but cedar wood is one of the most expensive. It needs to be stained regularly and annually to prevent rot. Cedar wood prices are set to reach record levels in 2021. However, treated wood is the cheapest option. Although it is more affordable than aluminum, it tends to warp and pull fasteners out of place. You should never use baluster connectors with treated wood.